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(català) Hola, em dic Sergio Nebot, sóc alumne de 1r d’ESO D a l’escola La Miranda. M’agrada veure les notícies quan tinc temps lliure. Sóc de Barcelona, però visc a Esplugues. Els meus hobbies són: el futbol, la natació i jugar a pàdel. M’agraden també els videojocs. No sóc molt bo dibuixant. No m’agraden gens les fotografies.

(castellano) Hola, me llamo Sergio Nebot, soy alumno en 1r de ESO D, en la escuela La Miranda. Me gusta ver las noticias cuando tengo tiempo libre. Soy de Barcelona, pero vivo en Esplugues. Mis hobbies son: el fútbol, la natación y padel. Me gusta jugar a videojuegos. No soy bueno dibujando. No me gusta que me hagan fotografías.

(english) Hello, I’m Sergio Nebot, student of 1st of ESO D in the school of La Miranda. I like watching news in my free time. I’m from Barcelona, but I live in Esplugues. My hobbies are playing soccer, swimming and paddle. I like playing video games. I am not good at drawing. I don’t like pictures.

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La Miranda Report arrives to an end

La Miranda Report finishes the year with an article before summer Well, this is going to finish, so then I want to say that thank you. We worked in groups and made this possible. Thanks a lot for a reading our article, we learned a lot and we are very interested in this world, in… Llegir més

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How postponing the Olympic Games affected the athletes

The Tokio 2020 Olympic Games have been postponed till 2021 – and that has positive and negative consequences for the athletes involved. Nearly everyone in the world watches the Olympic Games. There’s basketball, football, swimming competition and more! This year, the Olympic Games had to be postponed because of the Covid-19 situation, a disease caused… Llegir més

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