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Hola, sóc la Samaira Daswani i tinc 12 anys. Visc a Barcelona i estudio a l’escola de La Miranda de 1°ESOB. M’agrada molt escoltar a música, com per exemple reggateon i pop. Faig ball comercial i la meva ballerina preferida és la Lola Índigo.

Hola, me llamo Samaira y tengo 12 años. Vivo en Barcelona i estudio en el colegio de La Miranda. Me gusta mucho escuchar a música, por ejemplo reggaeteon y pop. Hago baile comercial y mi bailarina preferida es la Lola Índigo.

Hello, my name is Samaira and I am 12 years old. I live in Barcelona and I study at La Miranda. I love to listen to music, for example reggaeton and pop. I do commercial dancing and my favorite dancer is Lola Índigo.

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Goodbye and see you soon!

We are going to be leaving La Miranda Report This has been a very fun and entertaining experience, and we have learned a lot. It has been an enormous pleasure to be part of this web. We are very thankful for them giving us the opportunity of learning about how to write for a lot… Llegir més

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Animals are free!

With the quarantine, some wild animals are being seen on big cities. Is it good for those animals to be free? Nowadays, as all the people are at home, animals are allowed to go walk freely on the roads. People still go next to them so that they don’t hurt themselves. They are freely taking… Llegir més

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