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Em dic Carlos i tinc 12 anys, vaig a l'escola La Miranda, m’agraden els videojocs i dormir, jo visc a Sant Feliu De Llobregat

Me llamo Carlos tengo 12 años, voy a el colegio La Miranda me gustan los videojuegos y dormir, vivo en Sant Feliu De Llobregat

My name is Carlos, I am 12 years old, I go to the school La Miranda I like video games and sleeping, I live in Sant Feliu De Llobregat

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The good and bad things about Coronavirus

Coronavirus is a virus that is expanding over all world some people are in home so the virus does not expand more. The virus is “stronger” in the elderly or in people that have problems than with children. This virus is affecting us all in our personal lives, but it’s also affecting the global economy. … Llegir més

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