Which one do you prefer? (Source: La Miranda Report)

Showbie vs iTunes U


They all have pros and cons, but which one is better?

So, what is Showbie and what is iTunes U? Lets start with Showbie. It’s an app used to do homework or reviewing the things you’ve learnt in class. Teachers can also check our work at any time and correct it, and grade our exams. On the other hand, here’s another app called Socrative connected to Showbie, which is an educational evaluation tool in digital environments that allows teachers to know the answer of the students in real time. Both apps work together to make a very useful tool, separate or together. 

iTunes U is an app that shares information that we have, and let us do homework as well. So it’s basically the same thing as Showbie.

This question about deciding between the two apps was asked to us in 6th grade, when we were still working with iTunes U. Apparently they have listened to us and now we use Showbie. Obviously, no one ever hated iTunes U but when they showed us this other app we really saw that Showbie was more visual and easier to use, even little kids could use it with zero problems.

“It’s a fast way to communicate with my students”, Emma Izquieta sais. She’s an English teacher at La Miranda and we agree with her because if someone’s sick you can just tell them what to do by Showbie.

Socrative is a very big part of why Showbie is a very good educational app. Socrative is an app that teachers can use to make and create exams. It is a very fast way to do exams since it gives you the mark right when you finish. This is time saver for teachers, which lets more time to elaborate questions correctly. It also helps students to not have that question in their mind, did  I do well? You could also move the system to not to tell you the mark. To have the test ready and not have to do a trillion steps is really nice for us.

In conclusion, we prefer using Showbie because we think it’s a better way to communicate with our classmates and teachers, we can upload files faster so that our teachers can correct our homework and class work and send the correction back to us. It’s also a very visual and easy app to use.

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