The goodbye

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Junior report is finally closing for the year

Junior Report has continued even though the COVID-19 has made us stay home, we have published all kinds of articles with different types of content.

The Junior Report is finally closed for the year, the 8th of July the students and organisers of junior report have gathered to have a proper goodbye, finally on Friday 12th of July the junior report is officially closed for this school year. The writers and organisers of Miranda report are saying goodbye and that next year it will continue with a new group of writers.

I say goodbye as well as all the 1 of ESO writers from junior report, for it has been a great way of working in a group and learning to write.

My conclusion is this experience of writing for the news is very good, because you learn how to write and search for information, and group work does help for life in the way of working with other people, especially with people that don’t really do a lot of work and what they do is wrong.

Hola, soc en Carlos tinc 12 anys i vaig a l’escola La Miranda 1 ESO-B, em desagrada la ciutat I per això visc a Sitges i m’agrada jugar a videojocs.

Hola, soy Carlos tengo 12 años y voy a la escuela La Miranda 1 ESO-B, no me gusta la ciudad, vivo en Sitges y me gusta jugar a videojuegos.

Hi, my name is Carlos I am 12 years old and I go to the school La Miranda 1ESO-B, I don’t like the city, I live in Sitges and I like playing video games.