See you next year

a Opinem/Vida

As this year comes to its end. At the begging of the year we knew it was going to be difficult and it was going to be a challenge for us, because we are starting ESO and everybody said it was very difficult and a good change from primary school. But we never could imagine how difficult, different and challenging it was going to be.

When we were finishing the second term, everything changed with the Coronavirus. Nobody knew what was going to happen and how we were going to adapt to the new situation. But with the effort of our teachers and all the staff of La Miranda, and also with the effort of all of us, the students, we went on with the classes, and things were much easier than we had thought.

With the end of the year also ends La Miranda Junior Report. It has been a very useful experience for the students of 1ESO and has allowed us to be journalists, and by the way, learn a lot of interesting things of different areas. As it is a digital Newspaper although the lockdown, we have been able to go about writing articles related to the new situation and how it was affecting us, and about different aspects of the crisis, what has allowed us to be in contact with the outside.

This is not a goodbye, it is just a see you soon, because in September we will be back with many more things to talk about. Enjoy your holidays and see you in September.

(català) Hola, em dic Ariadna Rives, sóc alumne de l’escola La Miranda. Tinc 12 anys i sóc de Barcelona. M’agrada el futbol i m’envaig a esquiar els caps de setmana. Tinc un germà petit que es diu Martí. Sóc amigable, amable i esportista. Em considero una bona persona.

(castellano) Hola, me llamo Ariadna Rives, soy alumna de la escuela La Miranda. Tengo 12 años y soy de Barcelona. Me gusta el fútbol y me voy a esquiar los fines de semana. Tengo un hermano pequeño que se llama Martí. Soy amigable, amable y deportista. Me considero una buena persona.

(English) Hello, my name is Ariadna Rives, I’m a student from La Miranda. I am 12 years old and I am from Barcelona. I like football and I’m going to ski all weekends. I have a little brother called Martí. I’m kind and sportive. I consider myself a good person.