La Miranda Junior Report

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How we started

So this experience started one day when our teachers told us to go to a specific room when we usually talk about news or IMPORTANT projects such this one. We all were very surprised and emotion, because it’s a great experience to write for Junior Report, and also it’s a pleasure to write some articles for them, so we discuss all the doubts we had and since that moment we started organising and planning for being new REPORTERS!!

What we learned?

So in this year of being reporters we have learned lots of things, but this are the 2 the most essential:

  1. How to become a reporter: Thanks to all the Junior Report team, they teach us how to write a very good article, they had being all the year correcting our articles and giving us lots of advice for us having a very good level at writing articles.
  2. Different concepts: So during this course we have learned how to be reporters, different types of writing, different articles, so we learned a lot of things this was a new way to learn in the starting it was funny.

Our experience

  • So this event was a great idea in terms of education and fun, thanks to this amazing experience we have been part of an newspaper company Junior Report. Its Spanish version is published in La Vanguardia, that is one of the best newspaper company in Spain especially in Catalunya. Not all the persons have the chance to work for them. Thanks to this project we have learned a lot of things, also when the project begin we were more motivated, but in the last months it was not too motivated.

It’s time to say goodbye

So it’s been a pleasure to work with Ada and Lali, they are good people and they have helped us a lot doing the articles. When we did the articles, they were always there saying what we did wrong and what we did good. Personally, we liked this big project, we have had lots of fun and we learned a lot.

By: Álvaro, Martí, Somil

Hola, em dic Álvaro Utrilla, tinc dotze anys, sóc alumne de 1 * de la ESO de la escola La Miranda. Visc a Esplugues de Llobregat i m’encanta els esport sobretot el futbol, també m’agrada molt anar de compres als centres comercials. Sóc bastant responsable, molt ordenat i també sóc molt maniàtic. Però el que més estimo són els amics i la família.

Hola, me llamo es Álvaro Utrilla, tengo doce años, soy alumno de 1 * de la ESO de la escuela La Miranda. Vivo en Esplugues de Llobregat y me encanta el deporte sobre todo el fútbol, también me gusta mucho ir de compras a los centros comerciales. Soy bastante responsable, muy ordenado y también soy muy maniático. Pero lo que más quiero son los amigos y la familia.

Hello, my name is Álvaro Utrilla, I am twelve years old, I'm a student from 1st of ESO from La Miranda school. I live in Esplugues de Llobregat and I love sports especially football, I also like shopping in the shopping centers. I am quite responsible, very well organised and I am also very maniac. But what I love the most is friends and family.