Goodbye and see you soon!

a Opinem/Vida

We are going to be leaving La Miranda Report

This has been a very fun and entertaining experience, and we have learned a lot. It has been an enormous pleasure to be part of this web. We are very thankful for them giving us the opportunity of learning about how to write for a lot of people. 

We have learned many things by doing this project, for example how to work better in teams and many new things we never knew before like that there was a banana in a museum . This experience has brought many of us closer and we have enjoyed to the most! Ada and Lali were the ones that help us to be better and improve a lot in our writings. And they were the ones that published our work. This experience has opened opportunities like for example, if in some years, we would like to work in newspaper or be a reporter.

We have done a lot of writings, some of them were interviews and many many more things.

So in conclusion, we have enjoyed this experience very much and hope to experience this again sometime. We hope that we can do something disimilar to this next year as we had a lot of fun doing it. 

By: Mia Olid, Lara Asensio & Samaira Daswani

Hola, sóc la Samaira Daswani i tinc 12 anys. Visc a Barcelona i estudio a l’escola de La Miranda de 1°ESOB. M’agrada molt escoltar a música, com per exemple reggateon i pop. Faig ball comercial i la meva ballerina preferida és la Lola Índigo.

Hola, me llamo Samaira y tengo 12 años. Vivo en Barcelona i estudio en el colegio de La Miranda. Me gusta mucho escuchar a música, por ejemplo reggaeteon y pop. Hago baile comercial y mi bailarina preferida es la Lola Índigo.

Hello, my name is Samaira and I am 12 years old. I live in Barcelona and I study at La Miranda. I love to listen to music, for example reggaeton and pop. I do commercial dancing and my favorite dancer is Lola Índigo.