Bye bye La Miranda Report

a Opinem/Vida

The digital newspaper of the school La Miranda is closing the Wednesday 19 of June because the ending of the 2020 school curse of la Miranda. La Miranda junior report is a project that us the students of 1 ESO is a news report to help us to learn how to write a newspaper.

I think it has been a very good project for the year because it help us students to animate to work and write redactions for a newspaper and help to have a better writing in English, Catalan, Spanish… and help us to know if we want to be news reporters when we grow or not.

Also, I that more children would like to work in a real newspaper like us because is a super cool work and is super interesting to inform people about something is happening in the school or at the school of newspapers of things are happening.

Me llamo Hugo Alonso, tengo 12 años, soy alumno de la escuela La Miranda the Global Quality School y voy a 1 ESO. Vivo en Esplugues de Llobregat. Me gusta jugar a balonmano y pintar. Juego en un equipo llamado Esplugues en Barcelona y entreno cinco horas y media a la semana.

My name is Hugo Alonso, I am 12 years old, I am a student of La Miranda the Global Quality School and I go to 1 ESO. I live in Esplugues de Llobregat. I like to play handball and painting. I play in a team called Esplugues that is in Espulgues and I train 5 hours and a half.

Em dic Hugo Alonso, tinc 12 anys, sóc alumne de escola La Miranda the Global Quality School i vaig a 1 ESO B. Visc a Esplugues de Llobregat. M’agrada jugar a handbol i pintar. Jugo en un equip anomenat Esplugues a Barcelona i entreno 5 hores i mitja a la setmana.